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Mi nombre es Eddie, tengo 20 a~os vivo en Puerto Rico y si quieres saber mas ahi esta el Ask :)


reblogueare siempre este gif!! uisssh amo su mirada cuando dice nada o.O idiota! sdalndansdsnadskdnlskn


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He’s wanted largely on chargers of minor assault, public intoxication, and fraud.

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how are the winchesters not dead because im assuming they take all their pills with liquor  

how are the winchesters not dead

like dude. have you even seen the show?

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that moment when dean had a full on panic attack

He didn’t have panic attacks at any other point. This is the one. He freaked out sometimes, but literally the only thing that can send Dean Winchester into a panic attack is his Baby being missing.

The Impala is Dean’s home, his only home. This is like walking down your street and finding that your house has burned down.

^^That was deep ^^

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